Issue 08, 2013

What’s in Issue 08?


No Man’s Land by Rima A.・Qatif: The Forgotten Oasis by Ramy Nakache・Sudanese Democracy by Khalid Albaih・From Fayyadism to Resistance Economy: Changing Gears in Occupied Palestine by Sabrien Amrov・Water, Water Everywhere, nor any drop to drink by Ali Suleiman, infographic by Ibraheem Youssef・Teach4Morocco: Showcasing Moroccan Youth’s Commitment to Education by Kenza Yousfi・Sa'ad Hariri's Dim Future by Sarah Kanbar・Something Sectarian This Way Comes by SC・The Shari’a State: An Imperialist Paradigm by Alia Massoud・Two Years After the Revolution: Egypt’s Complex Press Scene by Wided Khadraoui・The Syria Crisis and its Impact on Women's Health by Hana Sahar・Evacuated by Ebrahim Al-Sharif・Human Rights Defenders by Marwan Bassiouni・Without Water by Ebrahim Al-Sharif・Altered Appearances by Reda Keddaji, infographic by Ahmed Shadeed・Border Black Market: Conditioning the Trade Relationship between Algeria and Morocco by Kenza Yousfi


The Exodus by Alexandra Kinias・Exploring Egypt, Scooter Style: The Cross Egypt Challenge by Angie Balata・Tanooreen by Faris Habayeb・An interview with Ahd Kamel by Wasma Mansour・The Origami Man: an interview with OzOz by Rawan Risheq・The cart of understanding: Halal Hotdogs by Danah Abdulla・A new critical platform for Arabic music: Ma3azef by Ali Charrier・On Heroes and Paperwork by Yara Saqfalhait・Foodie by Bashar Alaeddin・Sirq Al Souk by Sousan Hammad・Conversing with Lioumness by Reda Keddaji


Concept Shops by Dalia Saad・Experimentation: A conversation with Omar Al-Zo’bi by Danah Abdulla・On Our Radar: Rayya Morcos & Nadine Mneimneh by Dalia Saad・Visual communication in Higher Education: A discussion with Dr. Mohammad Yaghan by Noora Sharrab・Triple Threat: Bareface by Nadine Fattouh・Keep calm & Stop Taking Yourself so seriously by Danah Abdulla・An Oasis of High Culture in the Arabian Desert: The Louvre Abu Dhabi - a contemporary spatial embodiment of a classic colonial discourse by Alia Massou・Cairo by Ibraheem Youssef・You are a refugee also by Rami Abbas・The Calligrapher: Hassan Massoudy by Alia Massoud・Independent Spaces by Danah Abdulla


The Zeinobia Chronicles by Ayat Mneina・Isma3oo No. 8 Podcast by Karim Sultan・Kan Zamaaan by Zamaaan Instagram

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