Issue 09, 2014

Issue 09 sees Kalimat return to the online format. Read the full issue below and listen to a special edition of our Isma3oo podcast, in collaboration with Radio Zinhum. 


Power of the Pen by Yasmin Helal Informal Cairo by Zeina Elcheikh • Solar Revolution by Ali Suleiman • The Wrath of the Military and the Liberals Who Make It Possible by Amrou Kotb • The Digital Activists by Rima A. • Baby Steps by Sophie Chamas • Outside the Camps by Sabrien Amrov • Unveiling Sexual Harassment by Sundus Balata • A Snapshot into Arab Media by Faris Habayeb & Akram Al-Turk • Fear and Speculation in Lebanon by Habib Battah • Palestinian Refugees from Syria by Zane Razzaq • Egypt's Revolution Evolution by Al-Sharif Nassef • Syria by Nour Flayhan • Yarmouk, Under Siege by Rami Abbas •


Role Play: Hamzah Saman by Christine Greige • Once upon a time, there was a kingdom in North Africa called Numidia by Mohamed Megdoul • Last Round at Guapa Novel Excerpt by Saleem Haddad • An Interview with Riham Isaac by Sara Alsaraf • Bridge over troubled water: How pop culture can create bonds in a politically divided society, the case of Lebanon by Tarek Joseph Chemaly • The Bridges of Constantine by Wided Khadraoui • A Day in Amsterdam by Omar Oualili • There will be some who will not fear even that void by Saeed Taji Farouky • Keeping Up with Samir Boulazreg by Zahra Rosa • Somewhere Called Home by Zeina Elcheikh • The Self Expression Taboo by Mays Chami


Desert Ecologies by Riyad Joucka • Reform by Dina Amin • Shock Factor: A Public Art Statement in Doha by Jaimee Haddad • Supporting the Community through Graphic Design — An Interview with Wajha by Nora Aly • Handmade: an interview with Gina Nagi by Nora Aly • His memories: the story behind the objects by Nour Flayhan • The Talk by Nada Dalloul •  Where Are We Now? Hicham Khalidi and Alya Sebti in conversation •  Post-Geographic by Nour Tabet • Hors-Signal by Sahar Kubba • Revival of the Mythical Creature by Nora Aly • The Museumification of Trauma: the Amna suraka and the Kurdish People by Taiba Al Bisher 


Pngine, A hybrid between a forum and a blog by Dina Amin • Here, in Damascus by Hannah Khalifeh • Ashyaa2 • Colouring Book • Kalimat x Radio Zinhum • Isma3oo No. 9