Isma3oo (Listen up!) Podcasts

Isma3oo, no. 9—Kalimat x Radio Zinhum

In this guest edition of the Kalimat Podcast, I’ve pulled up a some favourites from the past few years. Starting with a cover of the dreamy intro to Albi w Moftaho by Samir Habib’s 70s band El Jets followed some unsolicited flattery from a military figure sung to a true rendition of Baligh Hamdi’s Qissat Hob. A short verse by Khaled al-Araby and the timeless Nisyan by Ahmad Fakroun lead into an interview with a couple of the guys from EcransMed on their experience screening films in public, tackling egos and the influence of funding on cultural presentations. The episode wraps up with an impressive unreleased remix of Fairouz's lullaby Rima Tinam by Solpara followed by a mashup of Samir Sabry and himself. If you enjoyed this podcast and have some interesting soundbites to share, drop us a line.
Cover photo by Mohamed Megdoul