Isma3oo (Listen up!) Podcasts

Isma3oo, no. 3 by Karim Sultan

In the inaugural podcast, we take things to the unexpected in the art music world just to show you what we can do. Joe Namy, who we had the pleasure of interviewing in the Autumn issue, in turn interviews the Egyptian composer Halim El-Dabh. The world's first electronic music composer, Halim is also an educator, a musicologist and a reactive witness to the change in music, technology and history around him. Further research (typing his name into a search engine) might prove fruitful. Framing the conversation is some original music—a piece, “I’ll Wait For You,” immediately follows the interview, and the background beats are original as well.

Often we think of Arab contributions in an ancient, historical way—which can be a tragic mistake. “What was good was in the past, look at what we've succumbed to since.” In a short conversation with this rather unique individual, try to take the bigger, historical picture into focus, and take some inspiration from his understanding of the meaning.